Reinvent symptom management.

Oleena® is the first digital therapeutic in oncology for patients and their care teams.

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How We Help

Oleena® is a prescription mobile app for cancer patients, designed to help them in the management of their symptoms and enable remote monitoring by care teams.

A prescription mobile app that provides personalized symptom recommendations.

A dedicated interface to gain continuous insights on patients’ symptoms.

The Oleena Journey

Here’s how Oleena® works


The healthcare provider sets up Oleena® to meet the patient’s unique needs. The patient gets access to the Oleena® app.


The patient experiences a symptom and reports it in Oleena®.


Oleena® evaluates the symptom severity and provides a personalized recommendation.


The patient self-manages their symptom based on the recommendation. When severity is too high for self-management, Oleena® connects the patient to the care team.


Oleena® continues monitoring the patient until the symptom subsides.

Who It Helps


Oleena® provides the answer to, “what should I do and when,” by delivering real-time, personalized recommendations every time a patient reports a symptom. Patients are guided and supported according to their individual needs.

  • Simplify symptom decision-making.
  • Get safe and easy-to-follow support, as needed and over time.
  • Stay connected to the care team, feel more closely monitored.

Healthcare Providers

Through the Oleena® interface, providers have access to automated and adaptative insights on their patients’ symptoms. Oleena® triages the center’s patient population according to symptom severity, so providers know where to focus their attention.

  • Offer state-of-the-art symptom management founded on evidence-based standards of care.
  • Provide an extension of the clinic for symptom management and patient monitoring services.
  • Gain access to continuous symptom insights and intervene, when needed.


When offering Oleena®, practices invest beyond symptom monitoring. They empower timely and informed interventions to enhance quality of care, improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs.

  • Offer a differentiating experience for each patient, increase engagement and satisfaction.
  • Improve workflow efficiency, increase staff wellness.
  • Gain access to structured and qualified data on how patients experience their care.

Oleena® Features

As a FDA regulated medical device, Oleena® has been developed in compliance with best practices of user experience, health literacy, and data security.

For Patients
For Healthcare Providers

Symptom management

The evidence-based algorithms and qualifying questions within Oleena® evaluate each symptom reported in order to give personalized recommendations.

Progress monitoring

Oleena® continues monitoring the patient until the symptom subsides, while adapting the recommendations according to how the symptom evolves.

Helpful resources

Patients have access to detailed information and resources within the app – both to better understand their own symptoms and learn more about cancer care in general.


Healthcare providers use the Oleena® interface to prescribe and set up the symptom management pathway according to each patient’s individual needs.

Symptom Triage

Oleena® automatically analyzes the reported symptom data and triages according to the severity level (high, medium or low) to help guide the provider’s course of action.

Symptom history

Each time a patient enters data, Oleena® saves it to a detailed history file, providing an easy way for providers to understand the patient’s current status and symptom evolution.

Oleena® Services

We understand that implementing a new digital solution in daily practice can be a challenge. Oleena® comes with a full set of supporting services.


Use a new kind of data to improve supportive care strategies and patient experience.


Get patients familiar with Oleena® and provide ongoing engagement support.


Seamlessly integrate Oleena® with existing workflows.


Support practice productivity goals and maximize the potential of Oleena®.

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